自己紹介【煙音カズ】 Kemurine Kaz
自己紹介【茸歌セキ】 Takega Seki
自己紹介【秋音ユイ】 Akine Yui
自己紹介【栗歌ラッミ】 Kuriga Rammy


■Voicebanks ■
Here are all of my voicebanks! They are all recorded and otoed (otod?) by myself. If you use any of them, please let me know! I would love to see what you create!


❖Kaz, Seki, Rammy, Yui, or SALAD can be used to cover any song, regardless of content matter. However, said song must comply with the rules and regulations extended by ameya.

ABSOLUTELY NO usage of my utau are allowed in relation with a work used to defame or insult any specific person/race/gender/sexual orientation/etc.

ABSOLUTELY NO redistribution of any of my UTAUs. Ever.

R-18 works (including yaoi, yuri, guro, hentai, furry, etc) are allowed.

❖ Feel free to adjust any oto errors. If major recording problems or oto errors arise that would interfere with the overall quality of my UTAU, please contact me at oreko.san@gmail.com and I will try to ammend them as fast as possible.

❖ Please comply with the rules and regulations laid out, and if you don't, I possess all right to request for your video/work to be removed.

❖ Thank you!

[yui art by Steel, Rammy art by Revo]

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